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Neurofeedback- Training the Brain

Training the Brain

Training the brain with neurofeedback is effortless and painless for the person being trained.  Again, the cap with the sensors is put on the client’s head to monitor the current brain wave patterns.  The client sits back and relaxes while watching a movie or a video game. 

While the brain is producing the desired brain wave patterns, the movie or game plays with full bright view and sound.  If the brain gets off track and is not producing the desired brain wave patterns, the movie or game will fade and the sound will become quiet.  The brain figures out what it needs to do to get the movie or game to play correctly.

Neurofeedback works by providing visual or audio rewards to the brain when the brain is producing the desired patterns of brain waves. These desired patterns are determined from the information gathered in the brain map and the technician sets the conditions for training in the training software, similar to the way a personal trainer would select weights and resistance levels for a trainee based on their current physical fitness.

Most people notice positive changes within 3 – 5 sessions, however, it takes regular training for positive changes to become permanent changes.  Typically, Neurofeedback involves 20 – 60 sessions depending on the findings of the qEEG brain map and how many issues the client wants to address.  The training portion of each session lasts about 20 -40 minutes and depends on what issues are being trained.  Neurofeedback is optimally done twice a week for the best and fastest results.  Training can be done once a week with positive results, however, it takes longer for the results to become permanent.

Neurofeedback training can change your body’s need for medications such as depression medications, anxiety medications, ADD and ADHD medications, blood pressure medications, etc.  It is important for you to be under the regular care of your psychiatrist or physician so medications can be adjusted or weaned as needed.

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